MSV Life p.l.c. appoints Chief Officer, HR & Corporate Services

MSV Life p.l.c. has announced the appointment of Mr. Norman Mifsud to the post of Chief Officer, HR & Corporate Services.

Mr. Mifsud joined MSV Life in December 2010 in the capacity of HR & Administration Executive Head whereby he was instrumental in setting-up an effective Human Resource Management function. In his new role, Mr. Mifsud will be retaining the HR and Administration functions while also undertaking the responsibility for Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Management, Brand Management, Brand Promise and Internal & External Communications.

Mr. Mifsud holds a Masters degree in Management from Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge, U.K. and has 29 years of work experience in the Human Resources and Financial Management and other business related areas. Prior to joining MSV Life, he occupied a number of senior positions within the ICT, Manufacturing and Insurance sectors. He also lectured Financial & HR Management and has served on various boards, management committees and advisory panels within the industry.

Commenting on Mr. Mifsud’s appointment, David G. Curmi, MSV Life’s CEO stated, “to contribute more value, the challenge is to move from efficient execution into rethinking the value that execution generates – by striking a better balance with strategy. Mr. Mifsud will be responsible to add more value to the business units through the alignment of the Company’s people strategy with its challenging business objectives.”

MSV Life plc is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on long term business under the Insurance Business Act 1998. COM 230413