JPMorgan join MSV Life for training event

As part of its Continuing Professional Development Programme, MSV Life recently invited a number of Senior Executives from JPMorgan to Malta to address more than 100 of their Tied Insurance Intermediaries.

MSV Life’s guests were Mr Dan Morris, Vice President, who is a global strategist responsible for delivering market analysis and insight to clients in Europe, and Mr Stuart Podmore, Head of JPMorgan’s Training Academy.

Mr Morris provided a Guide to the Financial Markets by looking at the global macro-economic background and the corresponding impact on different asset classes. He then provided insight about how to strategically position investment portfolios in order to gain maximum advantage.

Mr Podmore delivered sessions on Behavioural Finance and Communication Skills.

Behavioural Finance looks at the psychology of investing and demonstrates that decisions are not always taken on a purely logical basis. A number of irrational behaviours are often exhibited by investors, such as over-confidence, loss aversion, sentiment and blindly following the crowd.

The ability to recognise these signs and to explain them to clients enables financial advisors to understand what is driving investment decisions and can help to provide the most appropriate investment solutions.

Mr Stuart Fairbairn, Chief Officer Sales Management stated “MSV Life is committed to the continuous development of its staff and network of Tied Insurance Intermediaries. Through our well established connections we are able to bring speakers of the highest quality to Malta in order to enhance the knowledge and professionalism of those we work with. Empowering our intermediaries ensures our clients can expect to receive service of the highest quality for all their financial needs.”

Earlier in the year MSV hosted Fidelity International who provided specialised training on investment markets and specific investment funds to which MSV clients could invest.

For more information regarding MSV Life investment opportunities or details about how to become a Tied Insurance Intermediary kindly contact Mr Fairbairn at

MSV Life p.l.c. is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on long term business under the Insurance Business Act 1998. COM 291012

MSV Offers €10,000 Free Life Insurance

MSV Offers €10,000 Free Life Insurance

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