More than 140 delegates gathered for the remarkable MAPFRE Conference in collaboration with the University of Malta.

This extraordinary event, entitled ” Current Pensions Landscape and Future Sustainability” was a joint effort between MAPFRE, the University of Malta’s Department of Insurance and Risk Management, and counted with the participation of Bank of Valletta (BOV).

This conference was not just another run-of-the-mill event; it was a captivating exploration of the future of pensions in Malta, ensuring financial security for both individuals and organizations. Ines da Silva, the HR Chief Officer of MAPFRE Malta, expressed immense pride in spearheading this groundbreaking conference, uniting experts and stakeholders to address critical pension issues.

Dr. Gordon Cordina, Chairman of BOV and MMSV Life, emphasized the pivotal role pensions play in securing a stable retirement for individuals and how they empower employers to invest in their employees’ futures, ultimately bolstering their competitiveness in today’s demanding job market.

Professor Frank Bezzina, the Pro-Rector of the University of Malta, highlighted the vital importance of investigating the current state of pensions in Malta and plotting a course toward future sustainability. The University of Malta’s active involvement in this conference underscored its commitment to this cause.

The conference featured distinguished international experts, including Dr. Patrick Ring, who delved into pension policies, reform, and financial regulation in other leading jurisdictions. Gonzalo de Cadenas Santiago provided insights into global geoeconomics and sectorial dynamics to help navigate these uncertain times. Eduardo Ripolles de la Pena shed light on the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors and their impact on the future sustainability of pensions.

David Spiteri Gingell addressed pension reform and the national strategy on financial capability, which led to the creation of ĠEMMA, a noteworthy development in the pension landscape.

Notably, the conference boasted a lineup of distinguished local keynote speakers, including Petra Ellul Mercer and Adrian Sacco from the Ministry of Social Policy, who explored individuals’ perceptions of investing in personal pension plans and the current local pension situation. Bernard Attard and Victoria Muscat from PwC offered valuable insights into the accounting and tax implications of pensions.

The discussions that followed these engaging presentations were expertly moderated by Rebecca Dalli Gonzi and featured the active participation of Marthese Portelli from the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Tonia Parascandalo from BOV, Michael Galea from MAPFRE MSV Life, and Eduardo Ripolles de la Pena. Together, they added depth and insight to the conference, making it a truly enlightening and forward-thinking event.