womens day

MAPFRE holds a seminar on Resilient women on the occasion of Women’s day

The seminar was inspired on the book “Resilient Women: Conversations about mastering life” a publication with stories that evaluate the challenges and celebrate the contributions of 15 women from various walks of life, ranging from politics to business and from religious life to philanthropy.

Economist Dr Stephanie Fabri, one of a team of four editors who have worked on this publication, was invited as well as other women who protagonists were including Her Excellency Marie Louise Coleiro Preca and Mary Gaerty to talk about their experiences and challenges.

The panel was moderated by Keith Demicoli who made it very engaging and interactive, asking them to describe their life experiences. Whilst doing so, they expressed their personal challenges and emotions, making it very insightful and interesting for the participants who counted with the presence of employees and CEOs of MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life.

Dr Fabri explained that these women frequently showed perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges that tested their capabilities to the utmost and the book is a living testimony to the extraordinary capabilities of the human spirit and what people with a strong will to succeed can achieve even though life will not always throwback roses.

The panel conversation inspired all those present and clearly showed that in spite of all the obstacles one may encounter, each and every one is called to be of service to others through their activities.

Her Excellency Marie Louise Coleiro Preca explained that resilience is shown through tough decisions one has to take in life both in their professional and familiar surroundings, and some decisions are very difficult for women because they are expected to balance their family life and work life without sacrificing any of them which is extremely hard and that makes them even more resilient.

Ms Gaerty described how her passion and determination combined with her creativity and leadership values made her a resilient women in a male predominant environment.

Claudia Calleja who interviewed the women for the book was part of the panel and she said “It was a very interesting project that brings out the human aspect, and these women speak at length about the challenges they faced, not from women to women, because when we speak about resilience we are speaking about an aspect of society that is beneficial to everyone.”

After the seminar, Javier Moreno, MAPFRE Malta Group CEO and Etienne Sciberras, MAPFRE MSV Life CEO presented a donation to Sister Margaret on behalf of Dar Merħba Bik. This donation was in line with the proceeds of the book which as Dr Fabri stated it was from “Resilient women to resilient women”.