MAPFRE evaluates the success of social inclusion in the workplace for 1,000 employees with disabilities

MAPFRE has implemented its own methodology to measure the impact of integrating employees with disabilities into the company’s workplaces, to gain a better understanding of the contribution its policies are making to improving their quality of life.

The Group’s 1,001 employees with disabilities in 20 countries have responded to a survey by saying that their integration into the workplace has contributed to improving their quality of life (point score of 8 out of 10), thanks to the inclusive work environment existing at the company. The survey also assessed other specific dimensions such as their physical, material, and emotional well-being, the quality of their interpersonal and social relationships, and their professional development within the company. 

As explained by the MAPFRE Group’s Employee Experience Manager, Anastasia de las Peñas, “we’re very satisfied with the results, which reflect our commitment to inclusion”. She believes that companies committed to diversity and inclusion are able to attract talent and enhance employee loyalty, while also increasing motivation and fostering creativity among team members. “Investing in diversity benefits everyone and adds tremendous value, because it allows us to bring together all types of talents and skills. Encouraging diversity is a key part of any company’s competitiveness”, she emphasizes.

MAPFRE’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is part of its Sustainability Plan 2022-2024, which includes specific commitments such as ensuring that in 2024, persons with disabilities will represent 3.5% of the company’s workforce. MAPFRE’s Global Disability Program, which has been implemented in more than 20 countries, includes measures to achieve real inclusion of persons with disabilities at the company, while improving quality of life for those employees and their families. In 2022, the company hired 188 persons with disabilities.