Limited Time Offer on the Investment Bond

MAPFRE MSV Life announced the launch of a new limited time offer linked to its Unit Linked Single Premium product – the MAPFRE MSV Life Investment Bond.

Michael Galea, Chief Officer for Business Development said “The Investment Bond is a flexible and cost-efficient insurance based investment product that is designed to help customers reach their medium to long term goals, whilst offering versatile investment opportunities that suit the client’s particular investor profile. We are pleased to note that demand for the MAPFRE MSV Life Investment Bond continued to increase last year and we intend to sustain this direction during 2023. This limited time offer seeks to make the Investment Bond more attractive by offering the customer the opportunity to benefit from a 1% top up to his investment during the offer period.”

The special offer is available on the MMSV Investment Bond where the client is investing a premium (new or top up) of at least €10,000. A 1% top up of the initial contribution (in the case of new policies) or top up contribution invested, excluding any allocations to the MAPFRE MSV Life With Profits Fund, will be made to the clients’ Investment Bond policy within a maximum of 25 business days from the allocation of initial contribution or from the allocation of the top up contribution during the offer period.

The Investment Bond offers the possibility to diversify and balance one’s portfolio through a wide investment choice made up of Investment Funds managed by Fidelity International, MAPFRE Asset Management, BlackRock, Invesco, BOV Asset Management and APS Funds. The fund choice includes the MAPFRE MSV Life With-Profits Fund

Whilst presenting investors with the potential for medium to long-term capital growth, the MAPFRE MSV Life Investment Bond also provides the necessary flexibility by allowing investors to access their money through partial withdrawals if needed.

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The limited offer will be available from 1st February 2023 up to the 31st March 2023. The value of the 1% special offer will be withheld in the event that the Investment Bond is cancelled from inception or in the event of a surrender or part surrender during the special offer period.

This is a limited time offer and MAPFRE MSV Life reserves the right to close this offer earlier.

If you cash in your Plan early, you may receive less than the value of your Policy Account.
What you might get back will depend on the investment performance and the bonuses we might add. The rate of future bonuses is not guaranteed and may change over the years.
The value of your investment may go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested.
More information about this limited time offer can be found here.

MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. (C-15722) is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) to carry on long term business under the Insurance Business Act. MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. is regulated by the MFSA