Fundación MAPFRE allocates 100,000 euros to deliver essential goods in turkey and activates a micro-donation campaign to help those affected

Fundación MAPFRE will allocate an initial aid of 100,000 euros to contribute to the supply of essential goods in the most affected areas of Turkey. It is currently finalizing the delivery of tents, blankets and sleeping bags, and in the short term, it will provide prefabricated housing to start steadily relocating those people who have lost their homes.

It has also launched a micro-donation campaign at www.fundacionmapfre.org, which is aimed at society, and whose objective is to increase funds to help those affected by the earthquake. With this initiative, Fundación MAPFRE guarantees that a 100% of the amounts contributed will go to the beneficiaries.

Antonio Huertas, Chairman of MAPFRE and Fundación MAPFRE, has expressed today, during the presentation of the Group’s results, his support and solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of people who have suffered the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria this week. During his speech, he requested the generosity of society, indicating that “right now every little helps”, and he highlighted that “we are very sensitive to these extraordinary situations and we have extensive experience in attending to social needs and the most vulnerable people.”

In recent years, Fundación MAPFRE has been active with different campaigns to help those affected in emergency situations. Among them, stands out the one carried out in 2022, which was the breakout of war in Ukraine; the one carried out in 2017 in Peru, as a consequence of the El Niño Costero phenomenon in 2016 and the help provided to those affected by the earthquake in Ecuador, and in 2011, as a result of the Lorca earthquake.

Those interested in helping Turkey can do so at www.fundacionmapfre.org or directly, through this link: