Fundación MAPFRE sponsors project for adolescents battling substance abuse

Javier Moreno, Fundación MAPFRE representative and President & CEO of MAPFRE Middlesea paid a visit to the Caritas Tal-Ibwar Adolescent Therapeutic Centre which is a specialised centre which offers therapeutic services to adolescents and families facing problematic substance use.

The Adventure Therapy Programme at Caritas tal-Ibwar focuses on personal growth and mental well-being through activities like kayaking, snorkelling, running, camping, trekking, and now cycling. Fundación MAPFRE’s funding specifically contributes to the purchase of bicycles, enhancing the program’s impact.

Adventure therapy has proven effective in fostering resilience and accomplishment in adolescents with substance abuse challenges. This initiative underscores Fundación MAPFRE’s commitment to supporting vulnerable people and promoting well-being through transformative outdoor experiences.

“We are excited to collaborate with Caritas tal-Ibwar Adolescents Therapeutic Services to expand the Adventure Therapy Programme, particularly through the ‘Keep Your Balance by Moving Forward’ Cycling Project,” said Javier Moreno.

Fundación MAPFRE is a non-profit organisation established by MAPFRE Group to promote social welfare and improve the well-being of society. The foundation focuses on initiatives related to health, culture, and social action, supporting projects that have a positive impact on communities globally.