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12 projects are finalists in the Fundación MAPFRE social innovation awards

Aceleradora Unoentrecienmil and LUP are the two Spanish projects with great social impact that have been selected to participate in the grand final of the sixth edition of the Social Innovation Awards, an initiative promoted by Fundación MAPFRE in collaboration with IE University.

The objective of these awards, with a total prize amount of €120,000, is to find solutions focused on improving mobility and safety; promoting health and encouraging healthy behavior; and driving initiatives that promote active aging, that is, that permit better quality of life for people between 55 and 75 years of age.

A total of 347 projects were presented in this edition, which represents 70% greater participation than the previous edition. Of these, 12 finalists have been selected, from countries like Spain, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala and the United States, which will compete on May 24 in Madrid, when the three winners will be chosen.

Three European social impact projects:

The European projects selected are: Aceleradora Unoentrecienmil (Spain), which promotes physical exercise as therapy to improve and accelerate recovery of children and adolescents with cancer. The initiative was created in a therapy unit of Hospital Universitario La Paz (Madrid), where hospitalized children are treated and a digital tool was developed that, on one hand, allows therapy to be provided in other health centers, and on the other, facilitates research on the effects of treatment in other locations. Another Spanish startup, LUP, presents a digital application that promotes reading in people with reading difficulties, either because of a loss of visual capacity or dyslexia, or for other reasons. The app converts text or a photograph into a voice file in less than two seconds and offers the possibility to translate it into more than 30 languages.

The third European project selected is Unleash Future Boats (Germany), a conversion kit to power boats and vessels with green hydrogen to replace diesel engines. The objective is to provide shipyards worldwide with a completely emission-free system that contributes to decarbonization and planetary protection.

Six Latin American projects:

The Brazilian projects selected are: Altrum, a developer of 3D-printed cranial prostheses for use in cancer and trauma patients which reduces wait times and the cost of surgery up to ten times, and improves the patient’s quality of life; Seebot, a smart traffic light that guides people with visual disabilities, offering them safety and independence in urban environments, and Talento Senior, a work ecosystem that puts people over 55 in contact with emerging companies to offer them a job opportunity adapted to their needs, taking advantage of their talents.

And the following are found among the Latin American projects: Palpa (Chile), a shower sponge that allows women to examine their breasts and recognize a tumor more easily; Conecta Mayor 2.0 (Chile), an application designed for older people who are not tech-savvy, which allows them to reduce their digital gap and promotes autonomy and social integration; and TUK TUK Solar (Guatemala), mototaxis powered by electricity and solar energy through photovoltaic panels situated on the vehicle’s roof, which are a good example of sustainable mobility.

Three projects in the United States:

The United States finalists are: TASL, acronym for This App Saves Lives, a point and compensation system to make drivers aware of the importance of not using a cell while driving and contributes to reducing traffic accidents; FallCall Solutions, an Apple Watch, iPhone and Android app for senior citizens and caregivers, which sends emergency notifications in the case of a fall using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that offers continuous monitoring and allows it to recognize abnormal gait patterns; and Immersive Design, a virtual mannequin to train health personnel to deal with medical complexities in children which permits a reduction in clinical risk in newborns and children.

Mentoring and visibility with investors

The finalists will receive support and orientation to communicate and develop their proposals with IE University and will become part of the Innova Network, the community of entrepreneurs exchanging expert knowledge.