MAPFRE Malta supports Pink October. This month, MAPFRE Malta employees wore pink in an effort to raise awareness about International Day against Breast Cancer. The company wishes to support those who are suffering or who have suffered this disease, which can ultimately affect both men and women.

When it comes to fighting breast cancer, early detection is key, and MAPFRE Malta is once again supporting this cause with a campaign that emphasizes the importance of this message.

MAPFRE Malta dedicated the entire week to raising awareness and providing information about several aspects of the disease which affect both men and women. Some of the salient topics pertaining to this campaign included prevention, symptoms, the causes of breast cancer and screening campaigns, all of which was disseminated to the staff through the company’s Global Intranet.

Further to this, female employees at MAPFRE Malta are  encouraged to join this initiative by carrying out breast ultrasound screenings and mammograms, and males are encourage to do a PSA lab test, all costs being covered by the company. “At MAPFRE, we care about the health and wellbeing of our employees. Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer and for this reason we are more than happy to cover the costs of ultrasound screenings for our  female employees and to encourage our male employees to undergo a PSA test,” said Ines Silva, Chief Human Resources Officer at MAPFRE Malta.

The company’s HR and Marketing departments distributed cookies with pink ribbons as part of the awareness campaign and the social club also had the initiative of offering out pink muffins against a small donation, which will be topped up by the company and forwarded to Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. MAPFRE Malta supports Pink October year after year to help creating awareness of breast cancer.

It is highly recommended that women self-examine their breasts regularly and consult a doctor should they feel any change. However, some symptoms might be too small to be detected through self-examination and therefore mammograms are highly recommended.

Across the MAPFRE Global Group, 26 countries joined to cause, leading to a widespread participation of employees. The MAPFRE Group also helped raise awareness through its online platforms.