PUBLIC NOTICE – Zenith Tied Insurance Intermediary

Important Notice

MAPFRE MSV Life would like to inform its customers who had their policies arranged through Zenith Tied Insurance Intermediary Limited (Zenith) that Zenith is no longer a tied insurance intermediary (representative) of MAPFRE MSV Life.

MAPFRE MSV Life would like to reassure customers that this development does not affect their policies in any way as these remain valid and in force directly with MAPFRE MSV Life. The only change will be that, from this point onwards, customers will be serviced directly by MAPFRE MSV Life in connection with their policies. All future premium payments should also be remitted directly to MAPFRE MSV Life.

MAPFRE MSV Life has three Regional Offices that are located at Luqa, B’Kara and Floriana. Customers may reach out to any of these offices for any service required in connection with their policies. Alternatively customers may also contact MAPFRE MSV Life by telephone on 22480220, by e-mail on info@msvlife.com or on WhatsApp number 79480200.



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