MAPFRE employees plant 1,000 trees in an effort to reduce carbon footprint

Last Saturday a number of employees from MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life including the respective CEOs got together to plant trees at Majjistral Park which is managed by the Heritage Parks Federation. This initiative forms part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme and their efforts to contribute towards sustainability.

The project consists of planting 1,000 trees including the maintenance of the site and watering for 3 years till the trees are able to fend for themselves. Thereafter the maintenance will consist of removal of alien species, fire prevention and monitoring of the habitat.

The fully grown trees should have a carbon offset of 21KGS of Co₂ per annum i.e. 21,000 Kgs per annum.

MAPFRE Middlesea Chairman Martin Galea said: “Climate change poses an existential threat to humanity and the world . In Malta we have seen much evidence of this in the storms we have witnessed in winter and the recurring heatwaves in summer. Around us in Europe forests burn and summer flooding is now common. Biodiversity is under attack and habitats are destroyed due to human intervention. We all need to play our part if we want our children to live in a better world.”

The Heritage Parks Federation is an NGO made up of Din L-Art Ħelwa, Nature Trust and Gaia Foundation. Its primary mission is to administer National Parks and to date it manages Majjistral Nature and History Park in the North West. This is Malta’s first and largest National Park which covers some of the most beautiful and ecologically important area in the country.

Darren Saliba, the CEO of the Heritage Parks Federation said “At the Park we intend to do our small bit to help in the fight against climate change and protect biodiversity. We have set aside areas for sponsoring companies to plant trees. Trees protect habitats, cool the earth and reduce carbon in the atmosphere.”

MAPFRE Middlesea CEO Javier Moreno said “MAPFRE Group is committed to environmental sustainability, and work is underway for MAPFRE Group to become a carbon neutral company on a global level by 2030, this initiative forms part of the Group’s Sustainable Development Goals.” 

MAPFRE MSV Life CEO Etienne Sciberras explained that the company is always looking for ways to contribute towards the environment. “It has done away with disposable plastic materials altogether and has shifted to a more digitalized approach to the company’s operations with the scope of significantly lowering the amount of paper waste being produced. The company has also opted for more environment-friendly and sustainable organizational infrastructures and equipment to be as efficient as possible, energy-wise.”

MAPFRE refers to MAPFRE Middlesea p.l.c. (C-5553) and MAPFRE MSV Life p.l.c. (C-15722). Both entities are authorised under the Insurance Business Act, Cap 403 of the Laws of Malta and are regulated by the MFSA.