preparing your house for the rain

Preparing your house for the rain

The weather is still warm, and it’s still officially summer. However, it is bound to get wet soon. Although we don’t get rain often, storms in September can be quite torrential and therefore it is good to prepare ahead of time. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare your house for the rainy season.

Check for indoor leaks

Take a good look at the walls and ceilings and look out for mould, discolouration or water leaks.

Clear gutters

If gutters are not clear of debris and other dust, they will not be able to perform properly and you might risk flooding

Seal windows and doors

Even tiny gaps might let water in so inspect carefully. Old and wooden apertures require the most care.

Roof maintenance

The roof has a very important role of keeping water out of the house. Make sure it is properly mantained, and be sure to inspect it closely, especially after heavy rain.