home automation

What is home automation?

As time goes on, more and more applications are being designed to facilitate the automation of housing tasks through the integration of intelligent security systems and energetic management.

Thanks to the dómotica, which is a set of techniques designed to automate housing tasks through the integration of technology in security systems and energy management, smart homes are becoming increasingly more effective and efficient.

With home automation, you can program doors and windows to open and close by themselves, simulate the presences of owners by automatically turning lights on or off, and control the entire house through a video display!

That’s not all! Home automation systems also use temperature sensors to determine whether or not your windows and doors are open. Furthermore, home automation boasts features which allow the owners to control their entire house remotely through the implementation of alarms, cameras and motion TAG detectors. Home automation now makes this a reality.

Whomever did not dream of having a self-managed house? We’re practically there! In fact, home automation systems are designed to undergo repetitive tasks during certain days of the week. Appliances will even go as far as to warn you when you’ve accidentally left the freezer open or if certain parts need changing, amongst a multitude of other things.

In the medium term, you can also sell the excess energy generated by your solar panels, control when your cleaning robots get to work, let your refrigerator notify you when you have a missing product, and connect your house to a voice assistant.

We invite you to read the following infographic which outlines the 25 Applications of Home Automation Systems that will turn your household into a safer self-manageable home.

Home Automation Applications for a Safer Home