Waste Management


At MAPFRE, both in Malta and at Group level, we’ve implemented waste management protocols to ensure that the treatment, storage, and removal of waste is being done properly.
After all, proper waste management shouldn’t be taken lightly! Adhering to the best practices in waste management can really make a difference in decreasing pollution, conserving energy, paving the way towards a healthier environment, and promoting a brighter, greener future.
Waste management facilities are essential public services for every community and are necessary for the protection of public health and the environment. Whenever urban waste services and management systems are poor or fail, inhabitants inevitably suffer bad living conditions, and social discontent continues to rise as a result. So, it should come as no surprise that the issue of waste services tends to be quite a hot topic worldwide, especially due to the growing interest and investment in the ‘circular economy’.
Therefore, waste management forms part of the targets indicated by the Sustainable Development Goals, notably with commitments to prevent, reduce, recycle and reuse – as well as properly collect and discharge – urban solid waste. The goal is to halve global food waste by 2030 as well as to properly handle chemical and other hazardous waste through the entire waste management life cycle.