MAPFRE Group has introduced new insurance products for electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as other products from Iberdrola which are 100% renewable. To further reinforce this initiative, MAPFRE Middlesea introduced a new EV insurance policy. The introduction of this EV policy forms part of MAPFRE Group’s sustainability initiatives to promote a greener environment and fight against climate change.

To develop and launch its new Electric Vehicle (EV) insurance policy as part of its commitment towards environmental sustainability, MAPFRE Middlesea has partnered up with Mizzi Motors Ltd. The company acknowledges its responsibility towards the environment as well as the vital role it can play in addressing the impact on climate change.

With the introduction of the EV product, MAPFRE Middlesea hopes to lead a wider market transition so that further actions can be made towards the fight against climate change. In this case, MAPFRE Middlesea seeks to set a strong example of going green within the insurance industry. Sustainable development is an integral part of the MAPFRE Group mindset, and the company is proud to continue to develop and invest in its strategy towards promoting green practices.

MAPFRE Middlesea is working towards this goal because it is a company that is committed to environmental sustainability, and work is underway for MAPFRE Group to become a carbon neutral company on a global level by 2030, forming part of the Group’s Sustainable Development Goals.