Company Announcement – 30 December 2015


Category: Company Announcement    Entity: MAPFRE

The following is a Company Announcement issued by Mapfre Middlesea plc, pursuant to the Listing Rules of the Malta Financial Services Authority.
The Board of Directors of Mapfre Middlesea plc, has resolved to appoint Ms Josianne Briffa as the Compliance Officer for Mapfre Middlesea plc, with effect from the 1 January 2016, in lieu of Mr Carlo Farrugia who will continue to retain his position as Company Secretary of Mapfre Middlesea plc. The said appointment is subject to regulatory clearance and approval by the Malta Financial Services Authority.
Ms Briffa is the current Compliance Officer for MSV Life plc and Growth Investments Limited and will be retaining the said positions in order to have one Compliance Officer for the local Mapfre Group companies incorporating Mapfre Middlesea plc and MSV Life plc.
There is no other matter concerning Ms Briffa that requires disclosure in terms of the Listing Rules.
By Order of the Board
Carlo Farrugia
Company Secretary