Fundación MAPFRE’s Logging-Off campaign raises awareness about internet addiction amongst school children

The internet phenomenon is one that is continually evolving and when harnessed it can lead to great and positive changes in the world. However internet addiction may also lead to depression and anti-social behavior among other things.

This is why Fundacion Mapfre has produced and funded ‘Logging-Off’, an educational campaign that teach students aged 11 to 15 about responsible internet use. The campaign is aimed at raising awareness about internet addiction among school children and is composed of workshops streamed live into a classroom via interactive whiteboard technology. This way students receive a fun and interactive lesson on healthy interaction with the online world.

Over the past 2 years Logging Off has conducted over 300 workshops in schools reaching more than 6,000 students in the process.

Operations became more complicated throughout the period when Covid regulations impeded Logging Off facilitators from entering the classrooms physically. This was however mitigated through a further investment in high quality conferencing cameras and microphones that made engaging virtual interaction possible.

As part of Logging Off’s educational materials a short comedic film featuring James Ryder and Thomas Camilleri was also produced. The film was used to break the ice through laughter while also serving as a springboard into various avenues of conversation in relation to the topic.

‘Logging Off’ was extremely well received by students, teachers and administrators alike. The campaign’s success further motivated Fundacion MAPFRE to create even more educational materials related to this campaign that can be accessed when visiting www.mapfre.com.mt/health-promotion. The new content covers topics such as online bullying, internet privacy and even sexting and are a great resource for anyone looking for tools to educate young people on the subject of internet use.