MAPFRE Malta celebrate Health Week 2021

MAPFRE Malta, comprised of MAPFRE Middlesea and MAPFRE MSV Life, once again celebrated Health Week during the month of June in order to raise awareness on the importance of both physical and mental wellbeing for its group of employees. In addition, Health Week was used as an incentive to maximize the company’s contribution to environmental improvement and social commitment.

This year, between the 8th June and 14th June, marked the 5th edition of the Global MAPFRE Health Week, an initiative that aimed to encourage MAPFRE employees from around the world to come together and interact with one another in a virtual environment. In fact, the company went almost entirely digital for MAPFRE Week, whereby all of the activities and challenges were made accessible to employees via a webpage, and everyone had the opportunity to join online activities even from other countries.

In the case of MAPFRE Malta, a combination of both online and face-to-face activities took place as part of this week’s celebrations. More particularly, this week was comprised of a visit to the saltpans, an outdoor yoga session, and a number nutritional talks along with aerobics and stretching sessions with renowned fitness and motivational coach Leanne Bartolo.

Furthermore, as a token of appreciation for the continuous hard work demonstrated by National Blood Transfusion Unit, two days from MAPFRE Health Week were dedicated towards the Group’s employees donating blood in order to support this great cause. In this regard, the Group’s contribution is an initiative that is celebrated by MAPFRE companies across the globe. With these blood donations, MAPFRE Malta hopes to encourage other individuals to take part in this noble initiative.

To conclude MAPFRE Health Week, the company provided a packed healthy lunch consisting of delicious natural ingredients to all of its employees. Thanks to the support and collaboration from the health committee along with the Group’s employees, this year’s Health Week was a complete success. Going forward, MAPFRE Malta will continue to celebrate Health Week annually in order reinforce the concept of leading healthier lifestyles.