motormax intelligent insurance

MotorMax: intelligent insurance by Middlesea

Middlesea Insurance has launched MotorMax, an intelligent insurance product for young drivers. Through this insurance drivers can get a discount on their insurance based on their driving performance. This is possible through the installation of a tracking device in the insured’s vehicle which monitors a number of driving habits, such as speed, mileage and night time driving.

Good driving habits can earn young drivers up to 40% discount on their insurance premium upon renewal. This discount is over and above any no claims discount, which can amount up to 70%. The clients can then still enjoy the same coverage and limits as the Middlesea Comprehensive Motor insurance policy, but at a lower price.

Apart from saving money, MotorMax clients also enjoy other benefits. Through the device, it is easier to localize the insured vehicle in cases of theft or accident. In case of impact drivers will be contacted on their mobile by the Middlesea Assist call centre and if there is no reply, assistance and medical help may be sent to the site of the accident. Customers can access information about their driving habits and the discount they are entitled to via a personalized web portal and mobile app.

This insurance product, in no way invades customers’ privacy. At any point in time, Middlesea Insurance will only have access to aggregate information and no access to a particular person’s data.

“Young drivers tend to be regarded by insurers as risky and thus are often charged a high premium on their insurance. This product will change this as young drivers who demonstrate safe driving habits can still pay less on their insurance. We also believe that this product can serve as an educational tool to promote safe driving habits” said Mr Alfredo Munoz, President and CEO of Middlesea Insurance.

As part of the product launch, a group of young drivers will be taking part in an innovative competition, whereby they’ll have the device installed to their cars and their driving habits will be monitored for a whole month. Every day they’ll be scored on the basis of speed, mileage, night time driving and social media challenges. The winners can win three, two and one year’s free comprehensive motor insurance from Middlesea Insurance.

MSI sponsors Middlesea J70 Med Cup

MSI sponsors Middlesea J70 Med Cup

Middlesea Insurance is the official sponsor of the Middlesea J70 Med Cup, an international sailing event which will be taking place for the first time between June 4 and June 7, 2015 off Sliema’s shore.

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