New online presence for MSV Life

MSV Life plc has launched its new online identity at

Designed and developed by web-development company ICON, the new site has been strategically built with the aim of engaging the customer through an appealing and user-friendly design which is easy to operate and understand. Such a straightforward approach in layout extends to the content of the website; the company notably avoids excessive trade jargon but presents its product offering as accessible so that clients may easily build a relationship with MSV.

Indeed, considerable thought has gone into the descriptions of various facets of the insurance industry, such that they are made simpler yet concurrently comprehensive. Furthermore, the website includes several technical enablers which engage the user with the company’s wellness programme and makes browsing an interactive and enjoyable experience.

“The new portal is well integrated into the brand identity of MSV. It presents our key business offering through well laid-out pages and an extremely intuitive interface. The portal has already attracted a large amount of visitors which encourages us to invest further in this medium” said David G. Curmi, CEO of MSV Life.

The webpage is intended to reach out to its clients and compliment the company’s other endeavors, such as the recently inaugurated MSV Customer Service Centre. In this manner, MSV has taken care to create an environment in which its clients and intermediaries share a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the business need at the outset of every search. This new website simply starts that dialogue between the client and MSV Life.

The design of their web presence comes as a refreshingly new and exciting way of presenting a contemporary and updated image of the company.

“Through this investment in its online presence, MSV has increased its potential to develop over the coming years and we are so happy to have been part of the company’s exponential growth”, said Gege Gatt, director of strategy and business development at ICON. New online presence for MSV Life.