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MAPFRE leads the 2022 Senior Career and Talent Report and obtains the best transparency and good governance score

MAPFRE tops the list of the most important companies in Spain “with the greatest real and long-term commitment to managing senior talent,” according to the “2022 Senior Career and Talent” report, which analyzes the transparency and good governance of Spanish companies in relation to those aged over 50.

The report, organized by the Haz Foundation, analyzes 15 indicators in relation to those in this age bracket, including but not limited to generational diversity, recruitment and selection, remuneration, specific measures to avoid discrimination and bias during the recruitment process, percentage of multigenerational teams and measures before the period of change as regards health and retirement, for example.

The best performing companies, classed in the transparent category, obtain a score of between 30 and 19.

MAPFRE stands out for promoting the principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination on grounds such as age in its selection, recruitment, training, mobility, remuneration and assessment processes, as well as others. It also deserves special mention for contributing to the creation of a proageing culture, as part of which collaboration and the promotion of teams consisting of various generations are encouraged to enrich projects, undertake activities to transfer experiences between senior and junior employees and promote a special work environment for older employees.

Best practices

The report highlights the best practices of the companies analyzed. These include the Ageing project, which MAPFRE launched in Spain in 2020 with a view to promoting senior talent (over 55), workplace flexibility and preparation for the transition to retirement, considering aspects such as social security, health and volunteering. Other actions include the digital mentoring project, in which 95 mentors and 378 mentees participated to develop the digital skills of older employees.

Harnessing talent

“Senior talent are highly experienced professionals. They have dedicated many years of their professional life to creating, managing, transforming and making companies grow. They are best placed to relay the company’s culture and values. This is why we believe that organizations have the responsibility of creating a work environment in which all people can give the absolute best of themselves over the course of their working lives,” says Anastasia de las Peñas, corporate director of Employee Experience at MAPFRE.

Generational diversity

At present, the company has a global team consisting of five generations and the talent of 8,136 employees aged over 50, accounting for 26% of the workforce. In this context, the main challenges the company faces are to continue generating an inclusive culture; facilitate the transfer of knowledge between generations; recognize and leverage the strengths and capabilities of all available talent, regardless of their age; and implement work models that respond to the needs of employees and the time of life they find themselves in.