Tips to prevent lost luggage: Ensuring Legible Labels

Illegible or damaged luggage labels can lead to confusion and misrouting, increasing the likelihood of your luggage getting lost. Here’s how you can help prevent this:

1. Use clear handwriting: If you’re filling out a paper luggage tag at the airport, take your time to write legibly and clearly. Use block letters or print in uppercase to improve readability.

2. Print labels at home: Consider printing your luggage tags at home using the airline’s online check-in or mobile app. This reduces the risk of human error and ensures that the information is printed clearly and accurately.

3. Protect labels from damage: Place clear adhesive tape over the luggage tag to protect it from smudging, tearing, or water damage. This extra layer of protection can help ensure that the label remains legible throughout your journey.

4. Check for damage before departure: Before handing over your luggage at the check-in counter, inspect the label for any signs of damage or wear. If the label appears compromised, request a new tag to minimize the risk of it becoming illegible during transit.

By taking these precautions to ensure legible labels, you can help reduce the risk of your luggage being lost due to misrouting or mishandling.

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