How to Keep Pets Safe When the Temperatures Climb

Both people and pets may experience discomfort or even danger during the summer. Dealing with rising temperatures on its own is challenging enough let alone the addition of heavy humidity.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep your animals cool and safe this summer.

  • Never, not even for a few minutes, leave your pet in a hot car. Even with the windows wide open, the interior temperature of the car can soon approach 50
  • On hot days, minimize exercising. Exercise early in the day or late at night.
  • If possible, take your dog for a walk on grass to protect their paws from scorching surfaces.
  • Make sure your pet has access to shade and plenty of cool water if they are outdoors.
  • Your pets must be safe around the water. Pets shouldn’t be left unattended near a pool because not all of them are the best of
  • Heat stroke is a common problem for pets in the warmer weather. Dogs with short noses or snouts, like the boxer or bulldog, are especially prone to heat stroke, along with overweight pets, those with extremely thick fur coat or any pet with upper respiratory problems. Some of the signs of heat stroke in your pet are:
  • Heavy panting and unable to calm down, even when lying down
  • Brick red gum color
  • Fast pulse rate
  • Unable to get up

Follow these crucial instructions to keep your pet healthy:

  • Exercise your pet frequently. Exercise on a regular basis will benefit your pet’s health and length of life.
  • Become acquainted with a vet and ensure that your pet has yearly examinations.
  • Make sure your pet has received all required vaccinations
  • Get your pet neutered or spayed.
  • Keep dogs on leashes when outside as seeing another animal can be too exciting.
  • Know how to administer basic first aid and CPR until veterinary assistance is available.

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